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collie portrait corgi christmas card golden lab portrait corgi portrait corgi
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Picture of Corgi Painting

Picture of Corgi painting

Corgi, Curious Dog

Watercolor on Cold Press Watercolor Paper

One of my high school friends lived deep in the country, in an energy efficient rough wood home surrounded by fields of long grass, wild flowers and weeds. The first time I visited her, we were standing at the end of the long gravel driveway, when something suddenly popped up and down in one of the fields. A second pop a few feet away followed. In a matter of moments, two corgis were leaping over the long grass. The summer sun blazing along their backs, the two tore around us and then back into the fields. I had never seen (or heard) of Corgis before. They were speedy dogs and so lovely!

That was back in the 1970s, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those two Pembroke Welsh Corgis were the only two in Waldo County at that time. They didn’t have any cattle, or geese, to chase, but my friend’s home was the perfect place for them.

watercolor background curious corgi dog painting by Rachel M Brown

My husband suggested a darker background for this painting, so I wet the paper and dropped in Mayan Blue Genuine, French Ochre, and Cobalt Violet. When the paint was losing its sheen, I dropped in Green Gold and a bit of Opera.

collie portrait corgi christmas card golden lab portrait corgi portrait corgi

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Landscape of this painting